Rates – Closed Captioning VHS to DVD transfers

Craven Studios offers Closed Caption Encoding and a variety of production services:

We are serving Vancouver Island, Comox Valley, Campbell River, Vancouver BC

Final Cut Pro Editing (SD & HD)

Playback/Record of HDCam, Digital Betacam, Betacam SP, MiniDV & DVCam

Closed Caption Encoding closed captioning

Video Production

Blu-Ray DVD Authoring and Duplications

File Conversions (Quicktime, MPEG, AVI, etc.)

VHS to DVD transfers

HDCam 300 250 125 175
DBC/SX 250 150 125 125
BCSP 150 150 150 75
DV/DVCam 155 175 125 75
FCP/Digitize 175 125 75

*call for info about rates and services

Rates are per hour

Tape Stock not included

Discounts available for larger orders


We can also provide VHS/DVD & CD transfers and copies, contact us for prices

Closed Captioning Encoding – add $50 per hour to above transfers.

Bluray/DVD Authoring – Auto Start and Motion Menus allow us to create a great presentation for you. Prices start at $50.

Video Production – Call Brent to find out how video production doesn’t have to be as hard or expensive as you thought.

The HDSDI Closed Caption encoder works with all Broadcasters formats